U.S.S. Mariner NCC-73245 Pioneer Class Starship


Model by Stephen L. and Kevin L.



AMT/Ertl kits 6619 (USS Enterprise-D) x 2, other kit pieces

Model Specifications:
Scale = 1/1400
Length = 53.2 cm
Width = 27.7 cm
Height = 7.4 cm

The U.S.S. Mariner is a conjectural starship designed by my brother and me as a transitional class between the Galaxy Class and Intrepid Class. The model was built before Voyager's premiere. All that existed for references were two photos. We liked what we saw and asked ourselves what would lead Starfleet engineers from the Enterprise-D to Voyager. The Pioneer Class is our interpretation.
The Decals are a mix of kit decals from the 1/1400 Enterprise-D and a set from Web Games.

This kit bashed model is constructed with parts from two 1/1400 AMT Galaxy Class models and a few parts from aircraft models.

The base color is Flat Gull Gray, phasers are Light Ghost Gray. The main deflector dish is a custom flat dark red with copper detailing.

The warp grille is painted Mat Sky Blue with a Horizon Blue overcoat. The Bussard collector and impulse engines are Gloss Red, with the small grilles painted Zinc Chromate Yellow.
The aft torpedo launchers are from the 1/532 AMT Reliant.

The area aft of the small shuttlebay between the impulse engines is a piece cut from the Enterprise-D main Shuttlebay.

The botanical garden at the rear of the saucer are two windows from an aircraft kit painted Sky Blue.

The Bussard collectors are covered with a thin flap of styrene. Putty was filled and sanded along the sides.
  The black registry on the underside of the nacelles and near the main shuttlebay are decals from the AMT Runabout kit. The USS Mariner's registry was chosen with those available numbers in mind, but as it was designed prior to the Intrepid Class, it still had to be lower than Voyager's registry of NCC-74656.
Ships of the Pioneer Class are primarily named for Earth space probes.

Photos by Stephen L.