U.S.S. Horizon NCC-56176 Ambassador Class Starship


Model by Stephen L.


USS Horizon Model Kit Building Demo


Box Stock (modified)

AMT/Ertl kit 30038 (USS Yamaguchi), sheet styrene, spare model parts

Model Specifications:
Scale = 1/1400
Length = 37.6 cm
Width = 23.6 cm
Height = 9.7 cm

The USS Horizon NCC-56176 was launched from the San Francisco Fleet Yards in 2351.

From 2363 to 2371 Cmdr. Joshua Fuller was Executive Officer of the Horizon under Capt. Michelle Mathay. Though her missions were rarely legendary, Capt. Mathay had a reputation as being a good mentor figure for officers that have served under her command.

From 2371-2373, Cmdr. Fuller supervised Horizon's refit to the Mk III specifications. Former Horizon CO Michelle Mathay was promoted to the admiralty and at her personal request, Cmdr. Fuller was given a promotion and assigned to command the Horizon in her place.

The USS Horizon fulfilled the design objectives of her recent refit in defense of the Federation against the Dominion and was instrumental in the battle to retake Betazed. Capt. Fuller gained the reputation as a competent starship tactician which he, in part, attributes to the toughness and potency of the Horizon.

At the end of the Dominion War, the Horizon was involved in missions policing the Cardassian border from marauders  and inspecting shipping for contraband. The Horizon has also escorted convoys of relief supplies to Cardassia. These duties have lead to a number of small skirmishes.

Recently, the Horizon was chosen as part of the task force headed up by Capt. Riker of the USS Titan to the Romulan Neutral Zone. The Horizon spends much of her time now helping to solidify peaceful relations between the Romulan Empire and the Federation.
This is the USS Horizon, a variant of the Ambassador Class I was commissioned to build by Joshua Fuller. Several of the enhancements to this version of the Ambassador include extra phaser banks, pulse phaser emitters, more transporter emitters and an expanded torpedo launcher complex.

The base color is Camouflage Gray. This color was used as the primary bridge color as well. The major panel details are painted with Light Ghost Gray and the darkest hull color is Medium Gray.

The bridge dome and sensor pallets around deck 3 are painted Light Gray. All lifeboat hatches are Sand. The RCS Thrusters are painted Aggressor Gray with a Zinc Chromate Yellow trim. The windows are either Gloss White or Gloss Black. About 75% of all the Horizon's windows are 'on'.
The ribbed detail in the neck area was painted Medium Gray. The scratchbuilt torpedo launcher was painted Light Ghost Gray and was made with several layers of styrene and shaped with a Dremel tool. The four pulse phasers were actually the small nosecones cut from tiny prop plane models. A concavity was Dremeled to into the secondary hull so the emitters would fit facing forward.
Additional phaser strips were placed behind the shuttlebays on the secondary hull and on the sides on the secondary hull to give the Horizon more firing coverage.

The side phasers were 'quick cast' from an upper saucer phaser shape pressed into Silly Putty, carefully straightened, and cast with gelled superglue.

Two added aft-firing torpedo launchers are located just below the impulse engine.
Both the navigational deflector and the lower saucer sensors were painted Mat Sky Blue with a light coat of fluorescent Horizon Blue. The deflector's center detail was painted Copper...an homage to the dish of the original Constitution Class.

The saucer sensor dome was painted Duck Egg Blue. A set of transporter emitters were added ahead of the sensor area as requested. as are the transport emitters on the underside of the secondary hull decking.

The Bussard collectors are painted Red with a Light Ghost Gray shroud as found on the refit Ambassador.

The decals for the model were drawn up with Adobe Illustrator and printed, on high gloss paper, and laser copied to clear decal film.
The nacelle grilles are painted Sky Blue with a thin treatment of Horizon Blue. The nacelle RCS thrusters and plasma venting are Zinc Chromate Yellow.

The aft undercut of the secondary hull was cut away so the third shuttlebay could be placed in it's proper location on the refit Ambassador.

Although the secondary hull underside phaser strip is not on the refit Ambassador, it was requested to be added to the Horizon.
Joshua had given me enough back story details that I was able to make a commissioning plaque for the Horizon, similar to other plaques I've made for ship models on this site.

The Horizon was commissioned on May 19, 2351, which corresponds to stardate 28384.5.

It is assumed there was another starship named Horizon since the Daedalus Class ship.

The quote is from the title theme from "Enterprise"

Photos and artwork by Stephen L.