U.S.S. Exeter NCC-26531 Ambassador Class Starship


Model by Stephen L.


Box Stock

AMT/Ertl kit 30038 (USS Yamaguchi)

Model Specifications:
Scale = 1/1400
Length = 37.6 cm
Width = 23.6 cm
Height = 9.5 cm

The Ambassador Class starship Exeter is the former posting of Lt. Thomas Paris, who was discharged from the Exeter and Starfleet for a cover-up of an incident in which resulted in crew deaths.

This model represents the refit version of the standard Ambassador Class. Upgrades include additional transporter emitters, updated and rearranged Starfleet pennants, additional escape pods, Bussard collector cowlings, ventral shuttlebay, sensor pallets, improved planetary sensor suite, and an upgraded navigational deflector.
The Enterprise-C model was built using the deflector and escape pods from the AMT Yamaguchi to achieve the refit look. Decals are from Web Games, AMT Enterprise-D and some custom decals were made.

The hull basecoat is Camouflage Gray, with major panels painted in Flat Gull Gray and Medium Gray. Lifeboats are painted Sand and the Bussard collectors are tinted with Gunze-Sangyo Transparent Red.
The lower Phaser bank was removed and the aft hull was cut off in order to add the lower shuttlebay.

Photos by Stephen L.