U.S.S. Caldwell NCC-27473 Miranda Class Starship


Model by Stephen L.



PNT Models kit #MM02 (Avenger Class Starship), Polar Lights kit (USS Enterprise), other model pieces

Model Specifications:
Scale = 1/2500
Length = 9.4 cm
Width = 6.9 cm
Height = 2.1 cm

This is the USS Caldwell, a Miranda Class Starfleet scout craft version III.

This model was a resin kit from PNT Models. It was built for an online contest on
Starship Modeler where participants were to build a 1/2500 starship model using this Miranda Class product as a starting point.
My entry was named for a fellow member of the Starship Modeler Discussion Forum, 'cojoker', who generously sent me this model kit as a Christmas gift to build for the online contest. Thanks once again Jason! 

The registry number also has significance to cojoker as well and still fits the era of this style Miranda Class.

The Miranda III version has outrigger pods which probably act as enhanced sensors. It's the same type of starship as Commander Sisko of Deep Space Nine fame served on as first officer.
The only variation from box stock was the scratchbuilt outrigger pods. The pod tips are from Polar Lights' Enterprise nacelle tips (donated by our own Mike S.). The radar shroud is a small missile half slice from a military kit. Two tubes of styrene serve as the majority of the outrigger's length and some more missile and military kits finish the outrigger details.
The main hull color is airbrushed Light Gray. The main gray detail color of the ship is Aggressor Gray.

 The shuttlebay doors are RAF Azure Blue. The outrigger sensors are Flat Red. The lower sensor array is painted Saturn Yellow and Aluminum. The impulse engine is Fire Red.

Mat Sky Blue, Russian Underside Blue, Sand, Zinc Chromate, and Light Ghost Gray make up the rest of the detail colors.
The decals were custom made with Adobe Illustrator.

I had trouble with the kit-supplied decals for the windows...the adhesive didn't want to stick. All of the windows therefore were all hand-marked with a fine-tipped black marker.

Photos by Stephen L.