U.S.S. Bellerophon NCC-74705 Intrepid Class Starship


Model by Stephen L.


Box Stock

Monogram kit 3604 (USS Voyager)

Model Specifications:
Scale = 1/670
Length = 51.5 cm
Width = 19.9 cm
Height = 9.8 cm

The USS Bellerophon is the successor to the Nebula Class starship of the same name that was destroyed by the Borg at Wolf 359. The Intrepid Class Bellerophon was noted as the vessel that carried a Federation diplomatic party to Romulus during the Dominion War. Admiral William Ross was the senior officer on board during the mission to the Romulan Star Empire.
This kit was built stock. The only minor corrections made were to the docking airlocks and some re-scribed panels, such as the landing strut hatches and external cargo hatches.

The overall hull color is Model Master French Light Blue Gray. Some misting with a darker variation of this color provided minor weathering details on some of the paneling. 

The darker hull panel color is Dark Ghost Gray.

The six small windows on Deck 11 aft are not on the kit and were made with decals. 
The phaser banks were painted Dark Tan. Escape pod hatches and the aft shuttlebay wall were painted Sand.

There were four missing escape pod hatches on the model on Deck 4, just forward of the aft torpedo launcher. I made the hatches by carefully masking around two existing hatches on the model, prying up the masking tape, and placing the mask in the proper spot on the model. I then filled the mask shape in with putty. When dry, I peeled the masking tape up which revealed the putty-made hatches. Some minor sanding, and they were indistinguishable from the molded hatches.
The pylons on the model can be moved from cruise mode to warp. A mechanism built into the kit allows the pylons to lock in place.

The warp grille was painted Mat Sky Blue. The Bussard Collectors were painted Red.
The RCS thrusters and main deflector dish were painted Gloss Orange. Details on both structures were painted Zinc Chromate Yellow. The thrust ports on the RCS were painted Flat Brown.

The deflector housing is Mat Sky Blue with radial ribs painted Gloss Orange.

The only kit decals on the model are the transporter emitters. All other decal markings were drawn by me in Adobe Illustrator. I have nearly the entire decal sheet recreated for the hundreds of markings that are all over the model.
The windows were either painted Gloss White or Gloss Black to denote rooms with the lights on or off.

The small sensor pallets were painted Light Gray, while the sensor clusters and strips were painted Medium Gray with individual highlights of Blue, Red, Light Gray, and Copper.
This is a detail shot of the model, showing many of the handmade decals. All of the escape pod hatches featured the correct hatch number according to the CGI version of Voyager. There are a few decals I haven't created for the ship yet, mostly the tiny ones or some of the red stripe outline ones (such as the landing strut hatches). A decal that was designed, but not printed with this set was the red phaser warning marks. The only such markings were placed on either side of the RCS thriusters.
This is the Bellerophon from the first picture above, retouched in Photoshop, and placed against a background created from Difference Clouds, Lens Flares, and various other Photoshop techniques.

The image depicts the Bellerophon departing Romulan territory from the Federation conference on Romulus in 2375.

Photos and artwork by Stephen L.