U.S.S. Al-Batani NCC-42995 Excelsior Class Starship


Model by Stephen L.


Box Stock

AMT/Ertl kit 8762 (Enterprise-B)

Model Specifications:
Scale = 1/1021
Length = 45.9 cm
Width = 17.6 cm
Height = 7.5 cm 

This model represents the third structural refit to the Excelsior Class starships. The USS Al-Batani was a ship on which Kathryn Janeway served as Science Officer under the command of Captain Owen Paris.

This model was built with no modifications.

The base coat was a spray Flat White. The major blue paneling detail was a custom mixture of Mat Sky Blue and a few drops of Pale Green. This was done to offset the light blue color of the sensors and such. The dorsal was painted Steel. The windows around the saucer edge were hand marked with a black pen.

This model was formerly decaled USS Lakota, but I had gotten the registry wrong as this model was built before the registry was published. (There was only one brief scene in DS9 that showed the registry quickly). I recently stripped off the decals (as they weren't set under a flat coat).

In a second decal test (after my USS Nautilus), I decided to make my own decals for the Al-Batani. All of the markings on the model were hand made in Adobe Illustrator.

The 'glowing' areas such as the Bussard collectors, lower sensors, and the navigational deflector were painted Mat Sky Blue and were then treated with a light coat of fluorescent Horizon Blue.
The shuttlebay door was painted Dark Ghost Gray and the cargo hatch paneling along the upper secondary hull and the sensor array around the bridge are Flat Gull Gray. The main sections of the Warp nacelles are Flat Black and Intermediate Blue.

The impulse engine shrouds are painted Steel and the impulse engines themselves are painted fluorescent Fire Red.
Note the name 'Al-Batani' just under the opening in the lower hull. A small version of the name also appears on the aft facing sensor on the saucer's underside. The gray rectangular details in sets of two and three on the lower sensor platform are small decals made in Illustrator. The phaser banks are painted Sand with Light Gray emitters. The red stripes surrounding the phasers and the registry on the saucer is done with a red pen.

The aft torpedo launcher is painted Steel.

The RCS thrusters are not engraved in the plastic as they had been on the USS Excelsior model, so the appropriate areas were masked off and painted Gloss Yellow and Flat Black.

There are more name and registry markings than on the AMT/Ertl decal sheet. I have also updated the symbol to the yellow Starfleet emblem.
This scene depicts the USS Al-Batani entering orbit of a desolate, Class-D planetoid in a triple star system.

This scene was put together in Photoshop. The background was entirely made with Photoshop. The background started as difference clouds to create the nebular effect, then portions were selected and filtered for color. The moon was created with a planet-making plug in. The star was created by selecting a circular portion of the nebula and using the spherize tool three times in a row.

The photo of the Al-Batani was reddened through filters to match the hue of the background. Lens flare filters provided the running/navigation lights and the floodlights in the lower cargo bay. The running lights were further filtered to give the green-starboard, red-port tints. Hue and color filters helped illuminate the impulse engines.

Photos and artwork by Stephen L.