Romulan Stormbird Modified Klingon D-7 Battlecruiser


Model by Stephen L.


Box Stock (Customized)

AMT/Ertl kit 6743 (Original Edition Klingon Cruiser)

Model Specifications:
Scale = 1/630
Length = 36.5 cm
Width = 24.9 cm
Height = 9.3 cm 

This is my rendition of the Romulan Stormbird, a modified Klingon D-7 Cruiser from the FASA Role-Playing Game.

I was commissioned to produce the feather pattern decals and when the project was done, I printed off two decal sheets; one for the client, and another for me. The decal pattern was made specifically to fit the AMT Original Series Star Trek Klingon model. The decals were created with Adobe Illustrator and printed on white decal film.
The base coat of the ship was first sprayed with a Gray Primer. I began to airbrush Light Ghost Gray as a base color, but the ship wasn't the color I wanted. I decided I like the look of the primer, so I re-sprayed the model with primer and left that as the base color.

Since the decals needed to have white in the design, I had to use white decals film. To keep the white from showing at the edges when cut out, I marked the edges of the decals in black and painted the corresponding panels where decals would be black as well. The wing pattern on the aft top section is from the FASA design and colors. The front face of the secondary hull and the bridge area were requested and approved by the client. I was commissioned to produce a pattern for around the deflector on the 'head' underside, but I opted not to include the decal on my own model. Including the decal I didn't apply, the decal sheet is made from ten individual decals.
The impulse engine is painted Red The forward vents and areas on the nacelles are painted Medium Gray. Vents on the upper structure and nacelle pylons were painted Steel.

Some of the decals still have some shine to them...I'm going to dull coat the model to protect the decals, but I took the pictures for the site after I applied them.
The FASA design may have intended the bottom of the ship to have some sort of feather pattern, but neither my client nor I felt the need for anything to be there. The deflector housing at the front was painted Copper.

This model was built when the reissue kits were sold in the 1990s, but I was a much less experienced modeler then. I used measurements from this old model to create the pattern shapes for the decals. Since I had the ship already done, I decided to putty the seams, (I hadn't done that when I built the kit), sand them smooth and repaint the kit for finishing with my Stormbird decals.
This composite was done in Photoshop while I was preparing the other photos for the site. It depicts three Romulan Stormbirds near a blue nebula, the third of which is decloaking.

Photos by Stephen L.