Klingon B'rel Class Scout Romulan Variation


Model by Stephen L.


Box Stock

AMT/Ertl kit 8230

Model Specifications:
Scale = 1/345
Length = 25.5 cm
Width = 37.9 cm
Height = 5.6 cm

It was originally intended that the Klingon Bird of Prey introduced in Star Trek III was of Romulan origin, and had been commandeered by Commander Kruge. The design still bears the bird-like features common to Romulan design.

Whether the dark green color was chosen because of the K'Tinga Class Klingon Cruisers, or if green was somehow prescient of Romulan ship color of the TNG era, I decided to color my Romulan version according to the Romulan 'Bright One' from the FASA metal miniature line.
The base coat was painted Flat Gull Gray. Detail panels were colored with Light Ghost Gray and Navy Aggressor Gray.

The wing's feather details were painted on both the top side, bottom side and similar shapes were painted on the command section.

The colors of the feathers were Blue (gloss, but later sprayed flat), Mat Sky Blue, and Flat White.

In anticipation of Romulan engines emitting green colored light, I painted the impulse engine Fluorescent Signal Green. Fluorescent Saturn Yellow was used for the forward torpedo launcher color. Basically, area that had a reddish glow on the Klingon ship were substituted with green for the Romulan version.

Minute details were accented with Steel, Copper, with some Flat Black dry brushing.

Photos by Stephen L.