U.S.S. Prometheus NCC-71201 Nebula Class Starship


Model by Stephen L.


Kit Bash

AMT/Ertl kit 6619 (USS Enterprise-D), sheet styrene

Model Specifications:
Scale = 1/1400
Length = 33.5 cm
Width = 34 cm
Height = 8.8 cm

The U.S.S. Prometheus was assigned to allow scientist/artist Gideon Seyetik an opportunity to carry out an experiment to re-ignite a dead star.

To model the Nebula Class, The AMT Enterprise-D was modified and sheet styrene was added This kit was finished well before resin add-on kits were available.
The overhead Weapons Pod is made from nine layered sheets of styrene. This is actually the model's second pod. A replacement pod was made when new orthographic views and details became available.

The pod's 'neck' is made from sheet styrene as are the plant-on details.

Overall hull color is Flat Gull Gray, with Euro 1 Gray Phaser banks.
The pylon structure had to be cut out from the Enterprise-D version. After trimming to the rounded shape of the hull, the pylon was glued under the saucer. The secondary hull and connecting dorsal were fit to the rest of the model afterwards.

Many of the decals are from the Enterprise-D kit. Decals specific to the Prometheus are from Web Games.

The Bussard collectors are painted Gloss Red. Lifeboat hatches are painted Sand, windows are Gloss Black and Gloss White.

The dedication plaque of the USS Prometheus.

Photos by Stephen L.