Naboo N-1 Fighter


Model by Stephen L.

Box Stock

AMT/Ertl kit 30117

Model Specifications:
Scale = 1/48
Length = 23.1 cm
Width = 12.7 cm
Height = 3.5 cm

The Naboo Fighter helped defend the planet Naboo from the Trade Federation blockade. 

This model represents Anakin Skywalker's fighter with R2-D2.

This kit was built with no modifications. Before assembly, all of the contact parts on the chromed pieces were scraped away with a sharp knife before thick CA glue was applied.
Half of the kit came with chromed plastic, so only half the kit really needed painting. This was a good decision on AMT's part as it would be difficult or costly to have to replicate the chrome effect.

The painted portion of the model was base coated Gloss Yellow. The rings near the front of the engines were painted Gloss Yellow after the chrome on those sections was carefully scraped off.

As the engine halves are a top/bottom arrangement, it is all right that the horizontal seam remains on the chrome section of the engine...the full size set miniature was built in upper and lower halves and you can still see the seams there too.
R2-D2 was painted Chrome Silver for the head module. The other colored areas were scraped down to the bare plastic and hand painted Gloss Blue, Gloss Black, and Gloss Red.

Anakin was painted Camouflage Gray overall. His skin color was a custom mix of Flat White and Flat Yellow, the goggles are Flat Black and the helmet is Flat Military Brown.
The decals that came with the kit were applied before the weathering.

The laser turrets on the nose, the underside torpedo launcher and the engine thrust areas were misted Flat Black with an airbrush.

Photos by Stephen L.