Maquis Raider Ju'day Class Federation Courier


Model by Stephen L.


Box Stock

Monogram kit 3605 (Maquis Raider)

Model Specifications
Scale = 1/130
Length = 33.7 cm
Width = 36.5 cm
Height = 7.9 cm

Chakotay's Maquis Raider is a modified Federation Courier. It was lost in the Badlands in 2371.

This kit is unmodified.

On the filming miniature, the cockpit area of windows was modified for Voyager's premiere. The interior of the Runabout set was used for the actors, so the exterior of the miniature was altered so the windows were the size and shape of those on the Runabout. This gives us a direct measure of the scale of the ship.
The base coat was painted Flat Gull Gray.

Other panel colors on the model were painted Sand, Intermediate Blue, Gunze Sangyo Middlestone, and Light Sea Gray.

 The impulse engine sections were painted Gloss White first and then with fluorescent Fire Red to make them as bright as they could be.

The aft torpedo launcher was painted Light Sea Gray.

The small warp grille was painted Mat Sky Blue with a Horizon Blue coat over it.

The nose area of the model was painted Copper. The lateral sensors and cargo manipulators were painted Rust.  

Photos by Stephen L.