Kazon Torpedo Armored Assault Shuttle


Model by Stephen L.


Box Stock

Monogram kit 3608

Model Specifications:
Scale = 1/35
Length = 24.3 cm
Width = 8.4 cm
Height = 7.3 cm

The Kazon Torpedo attacked the U.S.S. Voyager by ramming its armored bow section through the starship's hull. The dorsal hatch opened and several Kazon warriors gained access to Voyager's interior and managed to steal some Federation transporter technology.

This model was built straight from the box. There were no modifications. It is an easy model that builds in very little time.
The basecoat was a mixture of Mat Cavalry Yellow and Flat Military Brown.

The armored front end was Battle Mat Gray with Silver dry brushing.

Additional details were painted with Green Zinc Chromate, Gold and Light Purple.

Battle damage was achieved with the Dremel tool, and dry brushing Flat Black and Silver.
Several parts from other models were used to detail the filming miniature of the Kazon Torpedo. The most obvious parts are two underside details: a piece from the Romulan Warbird filming miniature, and a piece from the 1/32 seaQuest "Deep Ocean Transport". Two of the same seaQuest part was used on the filming miniature of the Kazon Raider.

Photos by Stephen L.