Mercedes-Benz M-Class AAV


Model by Stephen L.


Box Stock

Monogram kit 3615

Model Specifications:
Scale = 1/24
Length = 19.2 cm
Width = 9.2 cm
Height = 8.4 cm

This is one of the 'gatherers' vehicle from the sequel to Jurassic Park. This is my first attempt at a camouflage scheme on a model. I had to airbrush the scheme...I wasn't about to apply the self-adhesive camo-stickers that came with the kit.

This model is built stock, with no modifications.

The base color of the entire model is Testors Olive Drab Green. The camouflaging colors are Flat Black, SAC Bomber Green and Dark Tan.

The camouflage was achieved with cutting shapes in masking tape and applying them to the model. As each color was applied, the appropriate masking was removed to get the shades to overlap.
The mirrors, four spotlights, Mercedes emblem were all painted Chrome Silver. Silver was used as the color of the winch line, and Steel was used for parts of the underside, the diamond-plate surface in the back, and the step on either side.

The interior was painted Light Ghost Gray, which when combined with the other colors of the truck, gave it a bluish appearance.

The armored bumpers and side rails were painted Battle Mat Gray. The armor cage around the lights are Flat Black.

The cargo modules, window bars, and fenders were painted Aggressor Gray .

Photos by Stephen L.