Virsago Mobile Suit: NRX-0013


Model by Stephen L.


Box Stock

Bandai kit 0054288

Model Specifications:
Scale = 1/100
Length = 7.8 cm
Width = 14.6 cm
Height =18.2 cm

This kit was built with no modifications. The battle damage was physically made with a Dremel tool to suggest wear and was painted with dry brushing techniques. The overall body color was Flat Red with some Flat Black mixed in to darken it. The substructure color is Battle Matte Gray. Although the head spike and arm claws were yellow chrome in the kit, they looked somewhat unrealistic and the plating was scraped off and Copper was painted instead.
The tips of the arm claws are dry brushed Silver, to represent the wear they receive, as Virsago plants them into the ground.

The wing are able to fold outward, and the sword hilt can be stored on the back of his waist.
The sword is made of green translucent plastic.

The upper and lower torso can separate slightly to reveal a cannon. The arms unfold long enough for Virsago to reach the ground to bury the claws in the dirt to anchor himself against the recoil of the blast.

Photos by Sarah L. and Stephen L.