Gundam F91 Mobile Suit


Model by Stephen L.


Box Stock

Bandai kit 0032347

Model Specifications:
Scale = 1/100
Length = 6.9 cm
Width = 13.1 cm
Height =15.2 cm

This model was built straight from the box, with no modifications. Accessories included a rifle, a sword, a shoulder bazooka, and a shield. There were two different face plates available with the same helmet design.

The shield is designed to 'emanate' from a hexagonal emitter which extends from his upper-left forearm.

The bright green eyes and green head piece were painted Chrome Silver on the reverse side of a transparent green plastic insert inside the head.
The model was painted overall Flat White. The inner structure and joints are Gunship Gray, Gloss Blue, Flat Yellow and Gloss Red make up most of the other colors.
Most of the weathering was done with Flat Black and Silver dry brushing.

The two hip cannons actually rotate from their position around F91's back and swing under his arms. The barrels extend forward, and the triggers fold down.
This is a composite photo done in Photoshop using the picture at the top of the page and a photo I took of my hometown. It's not totally convincing that the Gundam is there, but it's my first such attempt of compositing with a non-space photo. What I should have done was take another photo of F-91 with lighting to match where the sun was in the background photo. This was just a fun experiment, but I'm keen to make other attempts since I do like how this turned out.

Photos by Stephen L.