Gundam F90Y Mobile Suit


Model by Stephen L.


Box Stock

Bandai kit

Model Specifications:
Scale = 1/100
Length = 8.8 cm
Width = 9.4 cm
Height =15.3 cm

This is my first Gundam kit. This was built straight from the box, with no modifications. Accessories included a rifle, two swords, two rocket launchers, and an energy shield. 
It was unfortunately one of the Gundam kits that came with stickers instead of decals. Some physical details were painted instead of relying on the included stickers.

The model was painted overall Flat White. The inner structure and joints are Gunship Gray. Gloss Blue, Flat Yellow and Gloss Red make up most of the detail colors.
The bright green eyes and green head piece were painted Chrome Silver on the reverse side of a transparent green plastic insert inside the head.

Most of the weathering was done with Flat Black and Silver dry brushing.
The removable ship docked in the Mobile Suit as a jetpack, itself, has a removable smaller blue jet on the front. The wings and tail fin unfold for flight.

The way the jet is folded, the mini jet is at right angles to the rest of the ship. When it attaches to F90's back, the cockpit is oriented right side up so the pilot rides in the robot's chest.

 Photos by Stephen L.