Vetar Galor Class Cardassian Warship


Model by Stephen L.


Box Stock

AMT/Ertl kit 8324 (Cardassian Warship)

Model Specifications:
Scale = 1/1142
Length = 42.1 cm
Width = 22.2 cm
Height = 6.9 cm

This kit is the Cardassian warship Vetar. It was commanded by Gul Evek. His ship was damaged in the badlands while tracking down Chakotay's Maquis Raider. 

This model was built straight from the box with no modifications. The decals included with the kit were very inaccurate so I will eventually make some corrected ones of my own.
The windows were painted Gloss White, and the small details were painted with Intermediate Blue.

The deflector, the pyramidal disruptors and triangular warp hydrogen collectors were all painted Flat White, which was allowed to dry. Fluorescent Red or Orange were painted on over the Flat White. This caused the fluorescent color to be the brightest it could possibly be to simulate light, without actually wiring the model for lighting. If the fluorescents had been painted over a darker color, even as light as the hull color, they wouldn't have turned out as bright.
The hull color started as a custom mix of Mat Cavalry Yellow and Mat Military Brown. A recipe card held against the raised panel lines allowed me to mist on Dark Tan weathering patterns with my airbrush. I actually airbrushed the edge of the card, and whatever paint misted on the model is what it got for detail.
The Galor Class was awarded a silver plaque at the 'Maritime Modelers Meet' Show and Contest, 2001, for the Sci-fi & Fantasy category.
At the conclusion of the Awards Ceremony, the Galor Class also picked up best of sci-fi/fantasy. I believe this award was chosen by all of the judges, one award for each category.

Photos by Stephen L.