Trade Federation Droid Fighters


Models by Stephen L.

Box Stock, Kit Bash

AMT/Ertl kit 30118, Evergreen plastic, spare model pieces

Model Specifications:
Scale = 1/48
Length = 7.7 cm
Width = 4.8 cm
Height = 2.1 cm

This is the Flight Mode of the Trade Federation Droid fighter. The weaponry is concealed within the wing sections. This kit bash was accomplished by Dremeling the weapons from the kit and gluing the remaining haves together.

The colors used on all three fighters included Dark Ghost Gray, Steel, Gloss Red and Flat Black over the Neutral Gray basecoat.
This Attack Mode fighter is built stock. All three kits in the box were made to build to this fighter. Since there were three transformable modes for the Droid and parts for three kits in the box, I chose to make each version.

All three kits were hand painted, as they are very small models. The dimensions listed above are for the Attack Mode Fighter, as that was what was in the box.
Although all three models were completed the same day I bought them, the Walking Mode Fighter took the longest to assemble. The Droid head area was carefully cut from the upper and lower main body halves. the two pieces of the head were glued together and the seam line was removed. Some small panels in the scribed body panels were removed with a knife to be glued back at raised angles to suggest where the mechanism for the leg pieces attach to the body.

Some small generic looking detail pieces from tank models were used to act as the articulation pieces for the legs. Two small strips of Evergreen plastic of different widths were attached to the main body and acted as the neck pieces to raise the head from the main body.

The legs were glued at a random angle to depict a walking stance for the Droid.

The three droids were both built and painted and detailed in a single evening.

Photos by Stephen L.