Kreechta D'Kora Class Ferengi Marauder


Model by Stephen L.


Box Stock

AMT kit 6858 (Adversary Set)

Model Specifications
Scale = 1/3700
Length = 9.7 cm
Width = 8.6 cm
Height = 2.1 cm

Commanded by DaiMon Bractor, the Kreechta stumbled upon a Starfleet battle exercise between the USS Enterprise and the USS Hathaway in 2365.

This kit is unmodified. The digital camera didn't really get the brown color right. It looks better in person, I think. The side view picture below seems to look the closest for color.

This small kit was built in one day and painted over two days. There are only a total of seven parts to the kit

This was one of three kits in the Adversary Set. The others were the Romulan Warbird and Klingon Bird of Prey.

The shuttle/cargo bay doors were painted Flat Military Brown.
The base coat was painted Model Master Dark Tan.

Other panel colors on the model were painted Italian Sand, a color very similar to the base color, so the panel differences aren't striking.
Even the underside cargo bays have the same Military Brown color. The Ferengi Marauder has a docked craft seen in the neck area of the underside.

The warp grilles were painted Flat White and that color was allowed to dry. I then painted the Flat White areas (minus the aft area) with Testors fluorescent paints. I used Blaze Orange for the warp grilles and Fire Red for the impulse engines.

The area where the white is has a Flat Brown color surrounding it.

Photos by Stephen L.