Cylon Raider Attack Craft

Model by Stephen L.


 Click here to see the Cylon Raider Lighting Demo Article


Box Stock (with modifications)

Revell kit 6441 (Cylon Raider, 30th Anniversary Edition)

 Model Specifications:
Scale = ~1/40
Length = 22.2 cm
Width = 27.4 cm
Height = 6.2 cm

This is the classic Cylon Raider craft from the original Battlestar Galactica series from the '70s. Specifically, this is the 30th anniversary reissue with upgraded decals and some additional parts, including some clear parts, to accurize the model and more easily facilitate lighting the kit. The kit, including custom lighting was completed in about 4 months.

This shot shows some of the custom lighting. There are 2 red navigational lights at the front of the ship below the louvered cockpit canopy.
The bulk of the parts are still original issue and the model was built overall straight out of the box. I decided I would light this kit as it was fairly roomy inside for the electronics. I had dabbled in lighting models twice previously, but as of this write-up, neither of those models are complete, so this is the first completed lit model I've built.
After the lighting was installed and the ship fully built, the Raider was primered using a standard Gray Primer spray paint. I had a couple of colors in mind for the base coat, but once the primer dried, the look was very nice and I decided to keep it. A secondary gray color of Testers Battle Matte Gray was airbrushed for the detail panels. The cockpit's louvered canopy was airbrushed with Model Master's Euro-1 Gray.

Decals were provided for the kit including the pentagonal green emblem on the wing tips, which were used, but I opted to mask and airbrush the black stripe details on the top and bottom wings rather than use the supplied decals.
The model uses two super-bright clear LEDs scavenged from a couple of dollar store keychain lights. The actual clear components in the 30th Anniversary kit were discarded and instead I used a piece of Plexiglas, heavily sanded on both sides to diffuse the light and two light blue pieces of tinted plastic were used between the LED and the sanded Plexi to give the engine a blue colored light. These photos have had the background removed in PhotoShop, but the lights have not been altered...they're what you see when looking at the model.
The way the lights were installed, there was very little light bleed from the interior. I was prepared to paint the inside and outside with coats of silver and flat black, but they ended up not needed. The lights are controlled by a switch hidden beneath the cockpit canopy.
The model was purchased at a model show in March 2008 and was constructed for another model show in June 2008. The Cylon Raider took Gold in the Science Fiction/Fantasy category at the CAMS 2008 Show/Contest.
Click here to see the Cylon Raider Lighting Demo Article

Photos by Stephen L.