U.S.S. Exeter NCC-3057 Constellation Class Starship


Model by Stephen L.



AMT/Ertl kits 6618 (USS Enterprise-A) x 2, sheet styrene, other kit parts

Model Specifications:
Scale = 1/2500
Length = 12.2 cm
Width = 6.5 cm
Height = 3.0 cm

This is the first kitbash I ever attempted. It was completed around 1994. It is made with two Enterprise-A kits and some styrene pieces.

The name and registry are not from a Star Trek source. At the time, I could only use decals I had on hand from other kits. I chose Exeter because I could use the first part of the word 'Enterprise', And fake the 'x' with a black pen. The name is therefore U.S.S. E (x) E TER. The registry comes from the '0' and '7' from the 1701-A decals and the '3' and '5' come from the decals to the Star Trek VI Enterprise shuttlecraft kit.
The component in the cut out nook at the aft end of the circular saucer is the control panel of a Robotech Alpha Fighter. At the time there was little information about the Constellation Class. It was a coincidence that I later found out that there actually was a Robotech part built on the Stargazer prop model, which I was able to recreate on my large version Constellation Class Hathaway. 

The main hull was spray painted Flat White. Flat Gull Gray was the color of hull details and Mat Sky Blue was used for the engine glow. The impulse engines are Gloss Red and the lower sensors and RCS thrusters are Gloss Yellow. Most of the red trim was hand-marked with a red pen.  
The primary hull was made with four laminated layers of 2 mm thick styrene. A notch was dug out with a knife. (I didn't own or even know of a Dremel tool back then.)

There was only a side view to go from for details of the bottom of the hull, so the shapes are good for a side profile, but they're not the right shapes since the actual details are now well known.
I've learned a lot about kitbashing since doing this model, but it was a good experience. The model still holds up surprisingly well...I may rename it since I can now make my own decals.

Photos by Stephen L.