Klingon Bird of Prey B'rel Class Scout


Model by Stephen L.


Box Stock

AMT/Ertl kit 8230 (Klingon Bird of Prey)

Model Specifications:
Scale = 1/345
Length = 25.5 cm
Width = 37.9 cm
Height = 5.6 cm

This is the scout size version of the Klingon Bird of Prey. It was first introduced in Star Ttrek III.

I chose a flight mode configuration. The model came with radiator baffles for a horizontal wing mode and attack mode. I sanded off some of the material based on small line details on the front panels as a cutting guide. I cut the back and sides to the same depth and the wings are now tilted slightly upwards from horizontal.

Except for drilling out the disruptor emitters, the model was not modified.
The base color of the model started as SAC Bomber Green. Many of the panels were then randomly painted with Pale Green, Medium Green and Mat Olive Drab.

The engine piece was painted from the inside with Testors fluorescents Saturn Yellow and Fire Red, with Steel trim painted on the outside.

Once the decals were applied, the base color was dry brushed over them to give the appearance the markings were badly worn.
The forward torpedo area was painted Flat Black for the tube and surrounding 'dash' marks, and the housing was dry brushed SAC Bomber Green.
The underside wing details were painted Rust, with random panels painted Flat Red.

Flat Military Brown and Rust was used to make the weathered and rusted panels mostly on the bottom of the ship, but at some random locations on the top as well. 

The windows were painted either Gloss Black or Gloss Yellow.

The model was completed before I owned an airbrush, so most of the weathering was accomplished by painting an old toothbrush with Flat Black (and other colors), and 'scratching' the surface. The Black goes on so light it appears as a dark gray color.

Photos by Stephen L.