Veritech VT-1D RDF Battloid


Model by Stephen L.


Box Stock

Arii kit A863

Model Specifications:
Scale = 1/100
Length = 4.5 cm
Width = 7.2 cm
Height = 14.4 cm

The VT-1D is a transformable training Veritech used by pilots of the Robotech Defense Force on the SDF-1.

The basecoat is Camouflage Gray. Testors doesn't have a Flat Orange, so the orange color was a combination of mixing Flat Red and Flat Yellow.
The 'eye' is Gloss Green, the intakes, thrusters, and feet are Battle Mat Gray, and the gun is Flat Black. Flat Red is used for the warning markings.

This model was my first robot kit. It was done way back before I knew what putty was for.

Photos by Stephen L.