Starfury Mk 1 Mitchell-Hyundyne SA-23E


Model by Stephen L.

Box Stock

Revell/Monogram kit 3621

Model Specifications:
Scale = 1/72
Length = 13.3 cm
Width = 24.9 cm
Height = 13.2 cm

This is the Presidential Escort version of the Starfury Fighter.

The model was built with no modifications.

The model was deliberately built with little damage and only minor weathering. As a presidential escort vehicle, it is likely it would be well maintained after each mission.
The basecoat color is Light Ghost Gray. The area on top and the stripes on the wings are Flat White. The major detail color is Mat Sky Blue.

The escort pilot uniform was painted Gloss Blue, with ceremonial trim and helmet in Light Gray, with Flat Black boots and gloves, and Gloss Black visor.
All of the thruster nozzles were painted first with Copper and then airbrushed with some Flat Black to simulate burns from thruster firing.

Some of the tubing and mechanics in the back were painted with Copper and Steel.
This is the Seal of the President of the Earth Alliance, as displayed on the Escort Starfury. The stylized "E" over "A" Earth Alliance symbol is placed in front of the eagle diagram.

This symbol was drawn with Adobe Illustrator.

Photos and artwork by Stephen L.