Special Pics



Halo 3 and 4 FUD and Halo 1 Autumn - to scale

Halo 4 Forward Unto Dawn - playable area inset

Quarantine Zone - full map

H2A - Prophet Doll - Regret

Partial Sample UNSC Org Chart

Probable 'Heretic' Map location

Lasky Sidearm Comparison

Librarian Dais vs. Didact Helmet

Halo3 Forward Unto Dawn - to Halo 4 Hyperion Missile - scaled

Ghost - side/front comparisons

Pillar of Autumn - top comparisons

Pillar of Autumn - side comparisons

Pillar of Autumn - front comparisons

Pillar of Autumn - perspective comparisons

USS Vengeance and USS Enterprise - scaled

Sangheili Skull 2

Sangheili Skull 1

Threshold Space_Blimp

Charon-class Dimensions

Cov. Cruiser Scaled Grav Lift

CRS-class Cov. Cruiser Scaled Silhouette

CRS-class Cov. Cruiser Scaled Perspective

ScaleMaster117_Shotgun screenshot

ScaleChart Perspective

Cov. Cruiser Decks

Pelican Cutaway - Forward Unto Dawn (normal)

Pelican Cutaway - Forward Unto Dawn (inverted)

Autumn Docked over Reach - concept art

Gunt and UNSC Trooper

McFarlane HEV Pod Pic 1

McFarlane HEV Pod Pic 2

McFarlane HEV Pod Pic 3

UNSC Infinity - scale

ScaleMaster - Capt. Keyes - Spartan-117 - Noble 7

Flood Monitor

Halo Beacon

Neural Lace

Partial Halo Galaxy Map

Two Betrayals Map - Alpha Halo

Long Night of Solace Strikes Grafton

Halo CE Autumn bridge screenshot 1

Halo CE Autumn bridge screenshot 2

Noble Seven

Sword Base / Corvette distance at MAC strike

ScaleMaster117 -Action Figure

ScaleMaster117 and UNSC Forces

Halo Figures 1

Halo Figures 2

Halo Figures 3

Halo Figures 4

Halo Figures 5

Halo Visual Guide - Cover

Halo Visual Guide - Thanks

Halo Visual Guide - Swag1

Halo Visual Guide - Swag2

Halo Visual Guide - Swag3       

Halo Visual Guide - Swag4


Halo 1 Library

Damascus Space Nine

Havadi Goodwan - Halo 2 and Reach

My computer desk - 2011

UNSC Med sticker

Halo Reach Figures/Warthog

Halo 3 Pelican cutaway

Slipspace Portal comparison 2

Slipspace Portal comparison scale

Forerunner Keyship - hatch scale

ScaleMaster117 - Bungie Day, 2010

Step Up To The Plate

UNSC Army & Noble Team Symbols

Halo 3 Scorpion Emblem

Meg Sighting in Halo 2 Vista?

Earth, 2552 - Maps

Halo Skull White / Halo Skull Black

Canada's Biggest Halo Fan Photo Entry

ODST Johnson Unlock Code Form

Office of Naval Intelligence Logo

New Mombasa Police Department Logo

Pelican Dropship & Abrams MBT Size Comparison

Ark - Halo - Earth: Scale Comparison

Halo - Johnson - Project Orion

Halo - Grunt/Grenades Scale Comparison

Halo 3 Artifact Calculations

Halo 3 Artifact Halo Comparison

MAC Shell Labels

In Amber Clad Personnel Hatch

In Amber Clad Side Hatch Sizes

In Amber Clad-Pelican-HEV Comparison

Pillar of Autumn - Interior Perspective

Pillar of Autumn - Sci-Fi Scale Comparison

Covenant Cruiser - Level Geometry - Halo 1

Longsword/Seraph Sizes

Cairo Station - Top View

Cairo Station Partial Interior



ODST Patch

Covenant Symbol

Weird HBO Login Time

Enterprise-D UGLY detail

Stephen L. on John's Enterprise Hull

Half-Life: G. Freeman Letter of Offer (MSWord.doc format) Right-click and Save Target As...

Half-Life: B. Calhoun Letter of Reassignment (MSWord.doc format) Right-click and Save Target As...

Half-Life: B.Calhoun Shift Schedule (MSWord.doc format) Right-click and Save Target As...

My Model Room (Living Room) 1

My Model Room (Living Room) 2

USS Voyager Cutaway eBay Auction win!

USS Odyssey NCC-71832 filming miniature 1

Bristol board TNG Shuttlepod pic 1

Bristol board TNG Shuttlepod pic 2

AT-AT Photoshopped BG

AT-AT with Figures

Falcon - Death Star scene 1

Falcon - Death Star scene 2

Falcon - Hoth Hanagar scene 1

Falcon - Hoth Hangar scene 2

Klingon Translations