Building the Scratchbuilt USS Enterprise:


The finishing paints are latex. All lettering and stripes other than
hull bulkhead numbers were hand drawn, transferred to frisking paper and airbrushed directly to the hull. The weathering is similar to the
final version of the production model, very slight, and accomplished
using pastel chalk sticks. These little sticks, when rubbed over fine
sandpaper, produce a fine dust that can be applied with various sized brushes to achieve the effect. The nice thing about this method if you don't like what you just did all you need to do is erase it and do it over. When satisfied with the weathering, a coat of Krylon matte clear spray fixed the dust to the model's surface.
The borders around the access hatches on the bottom of the secondary hull and bridge rectangles are Letra-Tape .The bulkhead markings are Letra-Set.
The name on the top of the primary hull took two days to accomplish. I'm amazed at how simple this is to achieve with computers today.

<< Saucer Section

<< Secondary Hull

<< Warp Nacelles

<< Assembly

Finished Model of USS Enterprise


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