Building the Scratchbuilt USS Enterprise:


Here's a photo during the assembly process. The nacelle pylons are detachable, but the saucer, connecting dorsal, and secondary hull are now one piece.

You can see in the shuttlebay area some of the electronics where the bulbs and wiring are.

The jig holding the model is set up so the saucer can be attached level to the secondary hull and not at an oblique angle.
The majority of the hull is together now. There are several components held in place by rope, tape, etc., to ensure all parts of the model are aligned properly during the drying and curing process.

(You can still see the negative mold of the saucer standing on the floor in the background along with a nacelle half.)

<< Saucer Section

<< Secondary Hull

<< Warp Nacelles

Painting >>


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