Building the Scratchbuilt USS Enterprise:

Warp Nacelles

Shown here is the solid wood master part for the warp nacelle. The nacelle has a 1 difference between the forward and aft end of the nacelle diameters.

Next is the negative mold made with fiberglass that was cast from the master located on the left.

Fiberglass and matting was again cast as the final part, two halves of which can be seen clamped together on the right.
The warp engine cap mechanism was quite a challenge. There is a set of twelve flashlight continuous random winking bulbs that supply the effect and are powered by a 6-volt transformer. The colored bulbs were dipped
in transparent stained glass paints and are blue and amber in color.

The small DC motor that drive the inner dome can be set at different speeds and rotation. This achieves a look similar to the original from the TV series.
Here's the inner dome affixed to the nacelle. The outer dome is an opaque plastic half-sphere. When the twelve bulbs are lit inside and the dome with the fan pattern spins, the effect is seen projected onto the outer dome's inner surface.
This shows the effect of the dome's light. (Unfortunately, the rotation effect cannot be appreciated in a still photo.)

Only the inner dome actually spins...the outer dome is simply attached to the nacelle.

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