Robby the Robot


Model by Sarah R.


Box Stock

Polar Lights kit 5025 (Robby the Robot)

Model Specifications:
Scale = 1/12
Length = 11 cm
Width = 8.5 cm
Height = 19.3 cm

Model built from kit with no extras except lots and lots of putty. I would recommend removing the fitting pegs before building it in order to prevent seam lines. 
While the 'fin' pieces to either side of his head were intended to be clear, the fit was so poor that putty was required. The completed fins were then painted the same color as the body color with silver dry-brushed on the edges to give them the appearance of clear pieces viewed side on.  
The body of the robot was primered with Flat Black, then airbrushed with two top coats of Model Master Graphite Metallic. Although it does not show up well, the center 'vocalizer' piece (in the neck area) has a gloss coat of Future Floor Wax. Detail is picked out in Model Master Chrome Silver, Stoplight Red Metallic, and Testors Gold.

Photos by Stephen L.