Model by Sarah R.


Box Stock

Monogram kit 6008

Model Specifications
Scale = 1/8 
Length = 
Width = 
Height = 20.3 cm

This is a figure of Count Dracula, modeled off of Bela Lugosi's portrayal of the Count.

This kit was built with no modifications.

The cape is Flat Black on the outside with a Flat Red inner lining.

The boots are Gloss Black. The hair was Gloss Black but was slightly weathered to make it seem more realistic.

The base was painted a variety of colors with several weathered shades of greens, grays and browns.
The face was painted Light Gray to give him that deathly look. The eyes were painted White, Red and Black.

The vest was painted Dark Ghost Gray. The shirt is Flat White.  

Photos by Stephen L.