U.S.S. Katana NCC-1903 Sword Class Starship


Model by Ron E.



AMT/Ertl kits 8617 (USS Enterprise-A) and 8766 (USS Reliant)

Model Specifications:
Scale = 1/535
Length = 45 cm
Width = 27.5 cm
Height = 11 cm

Starfleet set out to have a starship designed, developed and constructed that employed both primary and secondary weapon systems in equal capacity. Additionally, the requirement to transport Starfleet Marine Corps and associated fighters/shuttles was also sought.
In 2274 the concept of a "space control ship" was presented to and seriously considered by Starfleet Command. Originally, "space control" called for a vessel with the ability to take control of a hostile area with a minimum amount of effort, and hold said area for an unspecified length of time, or until reinforcements could arrive to provide assistance. However, it was not until 2277 that a program to develop such a vessel was implemented.
This was my first attempt at a kit bash, and it started off as a simple idea of what kind of starship would I get if I combined the properties of the Enterprise and Reliant. After some rough drawings and dry fitting pieces in place, I came up with the concept for my model, which I named after the famous Japanese samurai sword.

As I was using a combination of Reliant and Enterprise parts, it was also my first attempt at putty work and sanding in an attempt to eliminate all those "panels" that are etched into the (Enterprise) hull, so that I would have an overall uniform (smooth) hull after combining parts from both kits.

The sensor dome from Enterprise was placed between the bridge and saucer.
This was also the first model that I painted with an airbrush. The "Aztec" pattern for the saucer was done using the same method for my Enterprise-A model.

The base color is Flat White and the major hull details are Duck Egg Blue.

The too-thin saucer of Reliant was cut off and replaced with a piece taken from Enterprise's saucer.

The secondary hull of Enterprise was cut in half and fitted under the Reliant hull with some styrene strips added to make a larger volume hull.
The "roll bar" from Reliant was trimmed down and placed behind the hull and attached to the nacelles.

Deflector grid lines for the secondary hull were re-scribed in an original pattern.

Reliant's torpedo launchers were placed on either side of the navigational deflector.
This composite was done with one of the Katana photos taken by Stephen L. and placed on a background of his design using various filters and techniques in Photoshop.
This is the commissioning plaque for the USS Katana, a Sword Class ship built at a shipyard orbiting Vulcan. The quote is from H. D. Thoreau.

Photos and artwork by Stephen L.