U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-E Sovereign Class Starship


Model by Ron E.


Box Stock

AMT/Ertl kit 8002 (U.S.S. Enterprise-E)

Model Specifications:
Scale = 1/2500
Length = 27.5 cm
Width = 9.5 cm
Height = 3.5 cm

I started with an overall "primer" coat of Light Ghost Grey, then painted in the various dark colors on the model: Testors Model Master Gunship Grey FS36118, Testors Insignia Red FS31136, Testors 1111 Blue , and Testors Model Master Dark Gull Grey FS36231. I then masked those colors for the next application of the lighter colors as shown in the upper two photos.

Other than the paint instructions for this kit or the larger 1/1400 AMT/ERTL kit 6326, finding color and paint references for the Enterprise-E is a difficult task. After consulting numerous references, including looking at photos of other models I decided to paint the two overall colors Testors Model Master Light Grey FS36495 and Testors Model Master Camouflage Grey FS36622.
After the dark colors were masked, I applied the first of my overall primary colors, Testors Model Master Light Grey FS36495, and then started masking for the second color, Testors Model Master Camouflage Grey FS36622. 

It was an extremely time-consuming process in order to get the level of detail I wanted on this model; it took me just over a week to mask what was needed in order to produce the multi-colored paneling on this small (remember its only 27.5 cm or just under 11 inches long) model. Some of the detail I was able to achieve was done with masking tape strips cut as narrow as only 1/48".

I was given a magnifier lamp as a Christmas gift from my parents in 2004, without which I probably would have had an extremely difficult time cutting and applying the small masking for the small detail on this model. 
The great thing about applying multi-colored paint jobs on any model is seeing the end result. I start with a dark color, mask, apply the second lighter color, mask, and repeat down until the last and lightest color is done.
The big job then comes to remove all that masking and hope that you didn't have any paint leaks, especially where mixing colors is involved. It took me about two hours to remove all the masking.

In addition to using many references for paint, I also used the paint instructions from both kits as a guide for colors, and sort of guessed my way along as to what was the best choice of colors to match the photos of the Enterprise-E studio model. Some of the colors and details I chose to use and their locations include:

- Testors Model Master Bright Yellow 2717 / Testors Orange 1127 / Humbrol 94 - navigation deflector 
- Testors Model Master Gunship Grey FS36118 - wedges on top and underside of saucer, under secondary hull, sides of nacelles 
- Testors Model Master Dark Gull Grey FS36231- small sections under impulse engines 
- Testors Model Master Dark Ghost Grey FS36320 - under aft shuttle bay, sides nacelles
- Testors Model Master Light Ghost Grey FS36375 - under curved stern, top of nacelles 
- Testors Model Master Neutral Grey FS36270 - phaser strips 
- Testors Model Master Light Grey FS36495 - overall color 
- Testors Model Master Camouflage Grey FS36622 - overall color 

Photos by Ron E.