U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 Constitution Class Starship


Model by Ron E.


Box Stock

AMT/Ertl kit 6618 (U.S.S. Enterprise)

Model Specifications:
Scale = 1/2500
Length = 11.5cm
Width = 5 cm
Height = 2.5 cm

This is the second original USS Enterprise NCC-1701. I've just finished painting the final overall color, Testors Model Master Neutral Grey FS36270, but realized after removing all the masking that it was too dark. Rather than remask and repaint the model, I just decided to leave it. All that is remaining is a coat of Future for the decals, apply Future to seal them, dull coat and then draw in the windows and this model will be completed and added to the other completed Enterprises. 
Early reference photos of the original Enterprise didn't show much detail, and there has been considerable debate as to the original color of the studio model. Even though the Enterprise looks to be one shade of grey, photos of the studio model in the Smithsonian Museum show that even before its 1999 restoration, it actually had several different shades of grey as well as other colors.
A friend of mine provided me with a color swatch of the original primary color that was used on the Enterprise. This color swatch was given to him by Ed Miarecki, who restored the Enterprise in 1999 to its present look.

The general consensus is that the studio model was Ford Grey, and by comparing the color swatch given to me to my Federal Standard 595B color fan, the closest match is FS36373 and FS36463.

Some of the colors I've elected to use include: 
- Model Master Neutral Grey FS36270 
- Model Master Gunship Grey FS36118 
- Model Master Dark Gull Grey FS36231.
I built a large 56cm x 38cm (22" x 15") base using spare styrene, and glued the Starfleet-shaped base from the second three-piece Enterprise (B, C and E) kit onto the center. After the models were assembled (but not yet painted), I placed them in a semi-circular position around my new base to determine the best placement and angle of each to make a nice display that would show the relative sizes of each Enterprise without crowding. I then inserted the support rods for each ship, painted the entire base black, then started work on each ship. I contemplated painting detail into the Starfleet emblem but decided that that might detract from the ships themselves, so I just left it black.

Photos by Ron E.