Science Fiction


"Heavy Chevy"


Model by Robert S. LePine

Kit Bash Diorama

Monogram 1/24 '57 Chevy kit, AMT 1/25 F-350 Ford kit, 1/35 Russian Armored Car, various model parts

Model Specifications:
Scale = 1/24
Length = 
Width = 
Height = 

What is there to say about this creation!? It was inspired by the Mad Max movie, and the creation of a category from one of the Maritime Modelers Meet (1957 Chevy Special Section) contests.

What you have here is a 1/24 Monogram kit, with a lot of modifications, like a complete 4 wheel drive system, tires from a 1/35 Russian armored car that fit the 1/24 scale Chevy rims perfectly, and the 'knobbies' were just too cool for words.

The engine is out of a F-350 Ford 1/25 scale AMT Kit. hey I couldn't be completely normal!!! And then there is the paint Job! I just love what the Swedes have done with their Viggen jets. So I thought, "How about that on a Armored Armored 1957 Chevy Car...

...and the rest is history. A little bit of Imagination in the display base to set the mood and WOW! (I hope).

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