Gundam Fin-Fannel RX-93 • Mobile Suit


Model by Robert S. LePine


Box Stock

Bandai kit 24728

Model Specifications:
Scale = 1/100
Length = 
Width = 
Height =

Here is one of those models that won't die...I have re-built, re-painted, and re-thought this kit so often over the past 20 years! Yes I have had THIS EXACT model LONGER than I had my first wife! Now what does that tell you about this model builder....ha, ha, ha, ha.
The most recent inspiration for this model was very much related to me getting my first tattoo. The beauty of the markings all over the mech's amour was an idea that came to me during my tattooing process: Imagine a village in the future, ravaged by whatever needing someone, or something to come from the ashes to save them. A mechanical engineer, a pilot, and a group of people that won't quit! So all I was thinking was a kick-ass mech, Fin Fannel...and a lot of desire...
All the markings on this mech are hand-painted from my imagination—no guides, no direction, just the thoughts of those people putting all of their hearts into the salvaging of this mech, and then painting on their blessings before it was sent off into combat!

Photos by Stephen L.