Robert S. LePine


I'm a professional model builder, currently working for the Shearwater Aviation Museum. My main claim to fame has been the string of five Titanic wrecks that I have built for private commissions for Dalhousie University, the Bedford Institute of Oceanography, the Baltimore, Maryland Science Center, and the Johnson Geo Center in Newfoundland!

The science fiction modeling gives the mind a break: a chance to explore, a chance to unwind...yeah, right! That is the reason why I have spent over seven years on one stinking project! The sci-fi part of my modeling world is the biggest part of me...this is where the passion to get better started. The images on the screen never quite matched the models on the workbench!

So, where do you go to learn? Groups like ours. My gift to this group has been my passion and speed in producing models, (when I can...), and driving the group to madness: (the
1997 Star Wars Project comes to mind.) Stephen, our webmaster, is our resident Tech-Head. Mike H. is our master Bondo user, Vaughn is the man with NO LIMITS: to detail, to scale, to ANYTHING! When he puts his mind to will happen! Then there is Dave, what can you say? We all hate him! :) He's doing everything a professional modeler could do and loving it!!! The rest learn from us, then we in turn learn from them!!! Learning—showing us that we are not dead. Bill is the fiber that holds us together, yeah, right! That is why HE got transferred to Ottawa! Maybe he can hold that place together! The one thing about Bill...he knows what he wants, and will stop at nothing to get it. The only thing is, his inspiration usually comes from the Ladies' Hair Care Section of Shoppers Drug Mart: shampoo bottles...and what he can do after that is unreal! Ron, what this man can do with one model over a period of years is unbelieveable. Destroyed USS Enterprise from Star Trek III; over ten years. His scratchbuilt 1/350 scale City Class Canadian Destroyer; he has been filling and sanding that hull for almost as long as I have known him. So whenever ANYONE in the group tries to complain that some project is taking to long, there is Ron just smiling at us...




Star Trek

U.S.S. Golden Hind Damaged U.S.S. Enterprise-E Scarab Bird of Prey


Star Wars

Millennium Falcon Millennium Falcon Repair Shuttle Tyderium
Battle Droid    
Ra's Pyramid    
Independence Day
Alien Saucer    

Science Fiction

In Progress
U.S.C.S.S. Nostromo (II)    


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