This page is for MSFM members only.

Needed Information:

Regarding photos, to keep dial-up people happy, I have placed a limit on photos that they not exceed 500 pixels in either direction to keep memory sizes manageable. They should be saved in .jpg format (if you can set the quality, it looks best if saved between 8-10). Most of the photos on the site now are shot with a black background, to enhance the look of the model. Although this can not be done for dioramas, it looks good for individual models. If you want to have a picture you send to have the background changed to black, simply indicate so with your photo, and I can do that for you.

The following information is needed to accompany model photos that you would like displayed on the site. There will be a profile section about you, the modeler, for your gallery page and there will be a few lines alongside each picture you have displayed to describe some aspect of the model you built. Send this information to please, preferably in .txt form, or in the body of the email.


Provide a brief profile of yourself as a science fiction model builder:

Your name, as you would like it to appear on the site (right now it's First Name and Initial)
Indicate your email address (in case other modelers see your work and wish to commend you or ask a question) OR specify you don't want your email address listed.

Answer questions similar to the following in 2-3 paragraphs:

I started building science fiction models...
My current modeling interests are...
I also like... (or I also can do...) [ relates to modeling]
Besides modeling, I also do... [Graphic art, painting, programming, vaccu-forming, etc.]

For each model you submit, try to answer something about the following:

01. Scale? (ex. 1/1400)
02. Scratchbuilt, Kitbash, or Box Stock?
03. Parts are from where...AMT # ?, Monogram # ?, Evergreen plastic, spare bits, etc.?
04. What is the subject named?
05. What series or movie is the subject from, if applicable?
06. How did you build it?
07. In what ways did you deviate from the kit instructions?
08. What paints/finishing materials were involved?
09. What are some of the colors?
10. What particularly impressed you about the model?
11. What are the dimensions of the model in cm to one decimal place? (ex. 34.8cm)
12. Who were the photos taken by?

If you prefer, right-click HERE and choose "Save Target As..." to download a txt version of what was said above. Fill in your information directly into this file and send it back to me as an attachment.


If you have ideas of other topics of interest we, as a group, should include on the site, don't hesitate to mention it. The site can only get better if everyone contributes!