U.S.S. Voyager NCC-74656 Intrepid Class Starship


Model by Mike S.


Box Stock

Monogram kit 3604 (USS Voyager)

Model Specifications:
Scale = 1/670
Length = 51.5 cm
Width = 19.9 cm
Height = 9.8 cm

Here is my humble offering of the USS Voyager model made by Monogram that I built in 1997 and it has barely been touched since then. Now that I know what needs to be fixed, there will be some need to get detailing done.
The base coat is Model Master Dark Ghost Gray, hand painted, with minimal detailing at the time. The phasers were painted Flat Military Brown with details done with Rust, Mat Battle Gray, Light Tan, and Gunship Gray.

The sensor palette was painted the way it was because at the time I thought "it was cool" and didn't know better. The decals seem to be yellowing a bit with age.

The windows were all painted Flat Arctic White with "glow tape" glued behind the clear windows to give a "lights on" effect when the model is in darkness
I had recently painted the pho-torp launchers so they are not as "red" as I would like them and didn't get a chance to detail the "other" shuttlebay door.

The main deflector housing was painted Mat Sky Blue with Dark Ghost Gray detailing. The deflector dish was painted Rust on both sides with glow tape placed behind it.

The impulse engines were paint Flat Red, Bussard collectors were Stop Light Red, and the  warp grilles were painted Mat Sky Blue from the inside of the clear pieces.

The tricky part of this model was making sure that the warp nacelles would remain moveable while still being able to keep them in the warp configuration. I did this by using super glue to seal the joints and this made sure they would still be able to move.
Here is another example of where there needs to be detailing; the cargo bay doors weren't even painted yet, but there will be time to get this and other features finished in the future!
The dedication plaque of USS Voyager.

Photos by Stephen L.