U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D Galaxy Class Starship


Model by Mike S.


Box Stock

AMT/Ertl kit 8772 (Fiber Optic Enterprise-D)

Model Specifications:
Scale = 1/1400
Length = 46.1 cm
Width = 34 cm
Height = 10.7 cm

This is a model that I built for a good friend. The Big E-D with fiber optic lighting...I will never do it again. But as for the kit, I enjoyed it for the most part, but the strands were just too thin and some of the longer windows looked like little pins of light...not very convincing to me.

It is the standard Enterprise-D kit with the mini-drill, battery control box, fiber optic lights, reflective strips, and bulb lights for the nacelles and source lights. the overall color is Dark Ghost Gray but there wasn't much detailing put on it after assembly and the lights being installed, but I'm going to make my next Galaxy Class ship really perty.

The first picture is under normal lights and shows the ship from the top giving an over all feel to what the finished kit looks like. Unfortunately for me, almost ALL the decals tore while applying them to the kit but I managed to recover them nicely.
The interesting thing about this kit I liked were the addition of the clear blue and red pieces instead of the clear pieces on the original kit.

The main deflector dish saved some painting time as I only needed to paint the copper sections and let the blue show through.
The windows that were not lit were shaded in with a mechanical pencil and the ones that had the strands were glued in with regular white carpenter's glue which gave the illusion of them still being lit.

Another one of the nice pieces was the red impulse engine
This pictures shows where the real magic happens in this kit. The colored pieces for the nacelles show up very nicely in the dark but you can't tell that the raised ribs were painted copper. The effect is still impressive.
Here the fiber optics are showing up in the dark especially on the battle neck and the conference lounge behind the bridge. The impulse engine looks nice when lit from the inside as well.

The kit only asked for about 200 lights in total but I had some spare fiber optic strands and spare bulbs from another kit so I decided to have more lights (it is a BIG ship) but soon found out why only 200...trying to fix the saucer halves together proved difficult with almost 400 strands being crammed inside. But, it makes for a nice effect; the lights on the main bridge module, ten forward...time consuming indeed...but in the end VERY fun when finished!!! I hope to hear any comments that you may have. Thanks for reading!
The Enterprise-D commissioning plaque.

Photos by Stephen L.