Spay-C Friendly Go-Bot Space Shuttle


Model by Mike S.


Box Stock

Monogram kit

Model Specifications:
Scale = ?
Length = 2.5 cm
Width = 5.7 cm
Height = 7.4 cm

I found this little item on eBay last year and thought "Oh isn't that cute?", so I bid and actually won it. The thing was darn tiny and I had it on the back burner for a while before it was built.

This was another quickie that only took me a few hours to build and I did so at FleetCon 2002 in Halifax in September, 2002. 

I only painted the details and kept the white plastic untouched. The colors used were Flat Black, Medium Gray, Steel, and Stop Light Red.
The model did of course transform just like in the cartoon but I found the right arm a bit tight to try get out for robot mode.

The stickers that came with the model were a bit difficult to stay on the plastic but it's still a "kewel" model.
The shuttle mode dimensions are 6.7 cm long, 5.7 cm wide, and 2.5 cm high.

The really neat thing about this one is that it has a pull back motor so you could zip it across a flat surface while in shuttle mode!!!

Photos by Stephen L.