Zentraedi Flagship Commander Breetai


Model by Mike S.


Box Stock

Arii kit AR-330-300 #60

Model Specifications:
Scale = 1/20000
Length = 19.5 cm
Width = 3.0 cm
Height = 3.1 cm

This is Commander Breetai's Zentraedi flagship from the animated series Robotech.

I basically built this one straight out of the box. It was manufactured by ARII Plastic Models in Japan to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Macross/Robotech animated series. I had this kit for almost a year before it was built.
The plastic was molded in a dark green color and was painted only one coat of paint to allow the base green to show a bit to try give it a more natural aged look.

The top half was painted Model Master Russian Armor Green and the bottom half was Intermediate Blue. The gray details and fold engine were painted Light Ghost Gray. Other details, including the weathering, were painted Flat Black and Matt Cavalry Yellow.

The decals were waterslide and applied very well.
One of the few adjustments made to the model physically was some filing made at the very nose of the ship to accommodate the black stripe as seen in the television series. Besides that, it was a very nice and quick model to build. It only took about 4 1/2 hours from the first coat of paint to finishing the decal application.

The model is a great kit (if you can find it) for any skill level, as there is a lot of room for detail.

On a side note, the kit also came with an in-scale SDF-1 that was only about 5cm long.

Photos by Stephen L.