Mike Strachan


Starship Modeler Forum Username: Mike the Canuck


My main interest for sci-fi models has been Star Trek for about ten years now, but I like to dabble every now and then in Real Space and aircraft models. On the rare occasion that a sci-fi model isn't Trek, it will likely be Star Wars or some form of anime.

I started building after I began watching Star Trek: TNG on a regular basis and the rest is history...I have the major ships from the television series and am working on picking up a few "would be nice to have" kits as well. Aside from modeling, I also write articles for a friend's website, I am learning Russian, and I am collecting action figures from various genres.


Star Trek

U.S.S. Voyager U.S.S. Enterprise Damaged Enterprise
U.S.S. Enterprise-A U.S.S. Enterprise-B U.S.S. Enterprise-C
U.S.S. Enterprise-D U.S.S. Daniarova U.S.S. Griffin
U.S.S. Lantree Klingon Attack Cruiser  
In Progress

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