Stingbat Attack Fighter

Model by Mike H.


Kit Bash

AMT/Ertl multi-kit 8912 (TIE Interceptor), Italeri kit 826 (1/48th Stingbat LHX Helicopter), various kit parts

 Model Specifications:
Scale = 1/48
Length = 27 cm
Width = 17 cm
Height = 11 cm

Since the Stingbat looks futuristic, it is easy to convert into a space ship. The central body is a stock built Stingbat body. Wings from a 1/48th scale F-14 Tomcat aircraft that came from the spare parts box were mounted backwards onto the rear of the Stingbat body. Then the wings from the TIE Interceptor were added to the ends of the wings. A little bit of body filler...and you have a space fighter.
The paint colors of the Stingbat are primarily Model Master Light Ghost Grey and Model Master Flat Black.

Photos by Stephen L.