SeaStrike Submersible


Model by Mike H.


Kit Bash

Monogram kit 3602 (Stinger Pursuit Submarine), Italeri kit 819 (1/48 F-19 Stealth Fighter)

Model Specifications:
Scale = 1/20
Length = 38 cm
Width = 15 cm
Height = 6 cm

The idea for this model  came from the fact that scientists are currently building submersibles that are heavier than water and fly like an aircraft. The Stinger submarine and the F-19 Stealth fighter were basically built stock. Then the two of them where grafted together.
All of the cockpit was painted Testors Light Gray. Instrumentation was painted to give the appearance of being backlit. The pilot figure is stock with the helmet coming from a child's toy.

The color was achieved by spraying the body Testors spray Green, and then immediately spaying it with Testors Metallic Blue and trying to graduate the color from blue at the nose to green at the tail.

Photos by Stephen L.