SC-130 Hercules Transport Spacecraft Azurian Federation

Model by Mike H.



Revell-Monogram kits (1/200 Zeppelin), 7638 (1/25 Chevrolet Aerovette), (1/72 C-130 Hercules), AMT/Ertl kits 6858 (Adversary Set) x 2, 8229 (Klingon Battle Cruiser), Evergreen styrene

 Model Specifications:
Scale = 1/72
Length = 47 cm
Width = 29 cm
Height = 8.5 cm

Like its 20th century predecessor, the SC-130 is a general duty transport that can be configured for a wide variety of missions. While it is generally used for in-system work, the SC-130, like the Federation Runabout, can be used for intra-system travel.
The Zeppelin makes up the main body.
The C-130 supplied the cargo doors and the main landing gear are the wing roots.
The Aerovette was used to make the cockpit. The rear of the Aerovette is on the top and the front is on the bottom.

The top half of the Romulan Warbird was used to make the wing. The engines are made from two Romulan Warbird bridge pieces, part of the Warbird  engines (bottom), and the engines from a Klingon Battle Cruiser (sides).

Plus sheet styrene and lots of body filler
Paint is all Model Master and is in keeping with the color scheme of other Azurian Federation spacecraft:

Intermediate Blue
Guards Red
Light Gray
This picture was taken later than the others and depicts the 72nd scale crew members in the cockpit.

Photos by Stephen L.