AFS Predator Azurian Starship

Model by Mike H.


Kit Bash

Monogram kit 6619 (USS Enterprise-D), AMT/Ertl kit 6326 (USS Enterprise-E), Evergreen styrene

 Model Specifications:
Scale = 1/1400
Length = 54 cm
Width = 21 cm
Height = 7 cm

This is the latest entry to the Azurian fleet. The AFS Predator model only uses parts from the "D" and "E"  Enterprise kits.

Custom made phaser strips were added to the top and bottom of the engine pylons and main body.

The engine pylons were widened to blend in better and give more support to the secondary hull connection.
The saucer is a mostly unmodified Sovereign Class saucer section. The pylons and warp nacelles are also from the Enterprise-E kit. The secondary hull combines the secondary hulls of both the "D" and the "E".

The lifeboat decals came from two Enterprise-E sheets.

The base color is Intermediate Blue with highlights in Light Gray and Wine Red, similar to the other ships in the Azurian fleet series.

Some of the windows on the main body were filled in.
The most obvious addition to the secondary hull is the phaser cannons fore and aft. These were made with Evergreen styrene tubing. The Deflector dish trench was filled in to accommodate the forward phaser cannon.
The Predator is actually the second version of this ship, since the first attempt didn't work out as I'd planned.

Photos by Stephen L.