"Home on the Range"


Model by Mike H.


Kit Bash

AMT/Ertl kit 30124 (Battle Droid with STAP), 8919 (AT-AT), various kit parts

Model Specifications:
Scale = 1/6
Length = 23 cm
Width = 8 cm
Height = 39 cm

This was my second attempt at a comedy piece. The AT-AT and Droid where built stock, while the saddle was scratch built from sheet styrene. The reigns are very thin strip styrene. The rifle was scratch built using various pieces from the spare parts box that includes 1/72nd scale under wing gun pods, 1/48th scale under wing weapons pylons, and a submarine from the Jacques Cousteau ship set.
Paint colors for the Droid are - Model Master Ivory on body, Testors Dark Brown for vest,
Model Master Olive Drab on backpack,
Model Master Sand Beige on upper legs,
Testors Brown on lower legs and
Flat Black on rifle.

Colors for the AT-AT: Tamiya Flat Earth for the body, Testors brown on the feet and Testors leather on saddle

Photos by Stephen L.