Mike H.

Starship Modeler Forum Username: Mondo Bondo


I'm a 40+ year old modeler who has been building models since I was a teenager. My modeling interests are very eclectic. I builds cars, aircraft, and my favorite: sci-fi. For me, all models are a source of materials for kit bashing —mixing various kits together to make something unique. (A habit that annoys my wife endlessly.) This habit has earned me the nickname "Mondo Bondo" by the model group, as a lot of body filler (Bondo) is used in the process of making kit-bashed models look like stock kits. If you wish to contact me about any of the models you see on my pages here, just email me.

Occasionally, I will build something stock just to confuse people.

Currently I'm working on adding more detail to my models and improving my painting skills


Star Trek

Star Wars
Space 1999

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