Alien with Egg


Model by Kevin L.

Box Stock

Halcyon kit (Alien w/egg)

Model Specifications:
Scale = 1/10
Length = 22.0 cm
Width = 20.0 cm
Height = 21.9 cm


This is the alien creature from the second Alien film. The basecoat was spray painted Flat Black, then was given a metallic-glossy coat by using mostly the unmixed oil of an airbrush metallic paint, Gunmetal.

The alien was drybrushed with Silver Blue Metallic and then the smaller blade and tube details were dry-brushed with Steel and Metallic Copper.

The alien's teeth and finger/toe nails were painted with several coats of Chrome Silver.

The egg and base were also sprayed Flat Black. The worm-like details on the base were painted Testors Rust and an acrylic Purple, then some were glossed over with Silver Blue Metallic.

There was no detail around the middle of the egg and I thought it looked out of place so I used putty that was only lightly sanded and then drybrushed Intermediate Blue over top of the black base coat.

The "slime" dripping down the side of the egg is Silver Blue Metallic and the liquid sitting on top of the egg is Testors Lime Gold.

Photos by Stephen L.