John Tate


I have always had an interest in building miniatures. I started out modeling in clay and enjoy sculpting. Store bought model kits have never interested me...making things from scratch was the way to go. I currently work as a technician at a local museum. Over the years I have made quite a few models for other museums and institutions. I enjoy working on museum artifacts, either reproducing them or actual conservation work.

My 7-foot long Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise is the only sci-fi model I've constructed but I have a keen interest in the subject. I enjoy sharing information and model interests with others.

I would be interested in sharing further information on this model or anything else I may be able to help you with regarding model construction. Information you may want to share regarding the TOS model or information on Andy Probert's new design for the Klingon battle cruiser which appears in the first Star Trek Motion Picture would be most welcome...perhaps a large project for the future. :) You can E-mail me at the address above.


Star Trek


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